27th & 28th May 2021

Fota Island Resort, Cork, Ireland

Succeed in business

We want to inspire you to succeed in veterinary business at VetCon 2021.

Introducing: The Quantum Veterinary Business Mastermind, by VetCon

What is a Mastermind?

A mastermind is a group of fellow ambitious business owners and professionals who want to accelerate growth and profitability. Mastermind group participants meet for half a day on a monthly basis to discuss, assess and improve their businesses. The meeting is run, chaired and guided by Neil O' Brien, a profit strategist. A guest speaker is often invited to present on key areas that affect the successful running of a business, such as management, sales, marketing and finance. Key performance indicators of each individuals' businesses are identified, goals and targets are set to grow your business, and a focus for improvement is decided through collective brainstorming, interaction and discussion.

Who is Quantum?

Coming soon: Watch Neil O'Brien's VetCon@Home lecture on "How to TPR your veterinary business".

Neil O'Brien - VetCon Mastermind

Quantum Business Solutions was established by Neil O' Brien, a profit strategist who has been successfully running Mastermind groups since 2017. He is a business consultant whose aim is growing the profits of business owners. As a profit strategist, Neil's sole focus is helping businesses make their existing customers and future customers even more profitable. He has developed a unique 3 step process on selling prices that can transform any business and take their profits to another level. As a Profit Strategist, he can do what very few other businesses can do – he can focus all his attention on just growing profits.

I run a veterinary practice, how is this for me?

As well as providing excellent veterinary care, you must run your practice and manage your staff efficiently and effectively to stay in business. Develop and expand your skills as a business owner with the help of the Quantum Veterinary Business Mastermind Group.

How do I join a Mastermind group?

Email Neil directly to find out more and quote "VetCon Mastermind Group": neil@quantum.ie

If you're a veterinary practice owner or veterinary practice manager, come to the mastermind taster sessions at VetCon 2021. These sessions will be delivered by Neil O' Brien on the 27th and 28th May at Fota Island Resort, Cork.

Reserve your place at a Mastermind taster session when you book your ticket to VetCon 2021.


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