28th & 29th April 2022

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Continuing Education – keeping yourself relevant

In the modern era, veterinary professionals are spoiled for choice when deciding upon their continuing education commitments for the year ahead.  Hours of material are available online in the form of webinars and lectures; there are many fantastic conferences to choose from every year, at home and abroad; clinical society and in-house CPD events take place frequently; and there are many post-graduate courses available to vets and vet nurses.

Fundamental considerations when choosing an event or a course to attend include whether it will benefit the patients under your care, how it will change or improve your skillset and knowledge in practice, and will the time you have spent attending the course or event contribute positively to the business of veterinary practice.

Post-graduate courses, either full or part time, are a wonderful opportunity to focus and gain expertise in a specific topic or area of veterinary medicine.  Career progression is often cited as a reason for undertaking a post graduate qualification. This will often be the case, yet what is more important having completed this study, is the contribution an individual makes to the care of the animals and people they deal with in their career thereafter.

It can be all too easy to isolate yourself from others and sit behind a laptop and watch a webinar. Attending a conference can be one of the best and most enjoyable continuing education experiences.  Not only are there a wide variety of lectures available to attend, but it is often a better opportunity to meet, network and socialise with friends and colleagues.  Seize the opportunity when it arises to meet with and learn from like-minded people at conferences such as VetCon.

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