28th & 29th April 2022

Fota Island Resort, Cork, Ireland

Happy World Veterinary Day!

What an honour it is to become a vet or a vet nurse.  It is a privilege to spend your day as a custodian of animal health and welfare.  Veterinary is much more than a job – it is a vocation and a lifestyle.

This year’s World Veterinary Day celebrates ‘The Value of Vaccination’.  Prevention of disease in both animal and human medicine is much easier than cure.  Research and development conducted in animal health today continues to focus further on establishing new or improved vaccines for common bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases that affect the health and welfare of our domestic species.  The fight against antimicrobial resistance is not directed at funding or developing new antimicrobials, but it is setting out to ensure that when it comes to animal health and welfare, prevention of disease is the key.

Vets and vet nurses play a vital role in informing pet owners and farmers about the most appropriate preventative health measures that can be taken to ensure their pets and animals remain happy and healthy.  At VetCon 2019, the key take home messages from many of the lectures that the vets and vet nurses will attend are on how to promote and implement better disease prevention strategies for their clients and the animals entrusted to their care.

Celebrate World Veterinary Day by showing appreciation for all the vets and vet nurses who are dedicated to caring for your pets and livestock.

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