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Newsflash: RCVS releases strongly-worded complementary and alternative medicine statement

On 2nd November, the RCVS released a strongly-worded position statement on the use of complementary and alternative medicines and treatments, and the use of homeopathy in particular. VetCon Ireland advises veterinary surgeons practicing in Ireland to familiarise themselves with the statement. The Campaign for Rational Veterinary Medicine petitioned the RCVS on this issue – further information about the campaign can be found here:



RCVS Council Position Statement:

"We have recently been asked questions about complementary and alternative medicines and treatments in general and homeopathy in particular. We would like to highlight our commitment to promoting the advancement of veterinary medicine upon sound scientific principles and to re-iterate the fundamental obligation upon our members as practitioners within a science-based profession which is to make animal welfare their first consideration.

In fulfilling this obligation, we expect that treatments offered by veterinary surgeons are underpinned by a recognised evidence base or sound scientific principles. Veterinary surgeons should not make unproven claims about any treatments, including prophylactic treatments.

Homeopathy exists without a recognised body of evidence for its use. Furthermore, it is not based on sound scientific principles. In order to protect animal welfare, we regard such treatments as being complementary rather than alternative to treatments for which there is a recognised evidence base or which are based in sound scientific principles.

It is vital to protect the welfare of animals committed to the care of the veterinary profession and the public’s confidence in the profession that any treatments not underpinned by a recognised evidence base or sound scientific principles do not delay or replace those that do."


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