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Unnecessary ‘click-bait’ stunt involving young puppies at the Grammy Awards 2018

Bewilderment and disappointment can only describe the emotions felt when seeing members of the audience at this year’s Grammy awards presented with young puppies as ‘consolation prizes’.  In a time where animal rights and welfare are foremost in discussions and debate on how we can continue to feed a growing world population, how is it that man’s best friend is taken for granted in such a way?

The production team behind this prestigious awards ceremony made a conscious decision to include these brachycephalic puppies in their show.  Are the producers not aware of the ramifications of their actions?  Do they realise that following the airing of the awards ceremony, consumer demand for designer dog breeds will increase dramatically, further increasing the activities of unscrupulous breeders and puppy farms.  These producers will not witness the droves of new puppies coming into veterinary practices, with various ailments and illnesses, associated with the irresponsible breeding of brachycephalic dog breeds.

Have the producers of the Grammys achieved what they set out to achieve by including these puppies in the show? A reaction from bloggers, vets, animal-lovers – negative, positive or indifferent; has created conversation in online media about the awards ceremony, publicising the event further.   The British Veterinary Association’s hashtag, #BreedtoBreathe, is being used by campaigners online to voice their dismay at the use of the puppies as ‘click-bait’.

It is clear that the battle to raise awareness about the health problems associated with brachycephalic breeds is only beginning.  The tireless work from the likes of the BVA has yet to reach the shores of the US. Will we see the AVMA condemn the Grammys?

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